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          Lithium Nitrate?

          Lithium Nitrate?

          1. Basic information

          Product name: Lithium Nitrate?


          Molecular formula: LiNO3

          Molecular weight: 68.94

          Appearance: White crystal powder

          Melting point: 264 ℃

          Density: 2.38 g/cm ³

          Purity: over 99%

          Properties: soluble in water, soluble in ethanol

          2. Main uses: mainly used in electrolyte, organic synthesis and production of hardened oil as catalyst for paint, preparation of other lithium salt raw materials, mordant for vat dyes, and as catalyst in crucible process in glass fiber industry

          3.Packaging: 25kg cardboard buckets or plastic woven bags can be customized according to customer requirements

          4. Storage: it should be stored in a dry and cool environment and sealed

          Note: the lithium nitrate produced by our factory is divided into monohydrate lithium nitrate and anhydrous lithium nitrate. Single water is mainly used in construction industry, anhydrous is mainly used in glass fiber and battery industry, and its export is mainly anhydrous. For more information, +86-1865 3327685, +86-533-4915568