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          Cobalt Nitrate Hexahydrate

          Cobalt Nitrate Hexahydrate

          1. Basic information

          Product name: CCobalt Nitrate Hexahydrate


          Molecular formula: Co (NO3) 2 ·6H2O

          Molecular weight: 291.03

          Appearance: dark red crystal

          Melting point: 55 ℃

          Density: 1.88 g/cm ³

          Purity: more than 98% (high purity more than 99%)

          Properties: soluble in water, hygroscopicity

          2. Main uses: used in the preparation of catalysts, hidden inks, cobalt pigments, ceramics, sodium cobalt nitrite, etc., also used as antidotes for cyanide poisoning and paint desiccant for the manufacture of desulfurization catalysts, cobalt pigments, paint desiccants, ceramic colorants, etc., as raw materials for the manufacture of cobalt salts, pigments and inks, and as catalysts for the chemical industry. Used as analytical reagent, also used in the manufacture of cobalt pigment and catalyst, as analytical reagent, preparation of cobalt pigment and catalyst, ingredient of sapphire polishing paste, treatment of SCR tube core, etc

          3. Packaging: 25kg cardboard buckets or plastic woven bags can be customized according to customer requirements

          4. Storage: it should be stored in a dry and cool environment and sealed

          Note: the company's long-term production and supply of cobalt nitrate, there are > 98%, > 99% two levels, due to the large fluctuation of raw material cobalt prices, resulting in production price fluctuations, price fluctuations from time to time consult Manager Wang +86-18653327685, +86-533-4915568.